Doodlepony Interview

Happy Halloween everyone/pony. to night we had the great pleasure of interviewing Kevin the mod of  ask-doodlepony

Please read and enjoy

Blog Talk: Could you tell our readers your name, age and the place you call home?

Kevboo: My name is Kevin, I’m 16 and I live here in Florida

Blog Talk: Is it a nice place to live?

Kevboo: Yeah it is, it’s real quiet and calm. I really love it here ^^

Blog Talk: being 16, are you currently in school correct?

Kevboo: Yes, I go to a private school. I do pretty well as a student, I usually get B’s and A’s in my classes.

Blog Talk: what classes do you excel more at?

Kevboo: Well mainly World History and Geomentry.

Blog Talk: what’s your social life like?

Kevboo: Well I hang out with couple of my friends over at my school, we usually just text each other. But mostly I come home and chat with my friends on tumblr and skype.

Blog Talk: how long have you been drawing for?

Kevboo: I have been drawing ever since I was 3, even though at that time I only made bunch of scribbles but though the years I learned more about drawing and started getting better at it as I progress.

Blog Talk: when did you start drawing mlp and related pictures?

Kevboo: I would say in April I started even drawing anything involving mlp.

Blog Talk: when did you start watching the show?

Kevboo: Hmmm, I believe I started watching my first episode on February in 2012

Blog Talk: What was your first episode?

Kevboo: My first episode was the swarm of the century.

Blog Talk: who’s best pony?

Kevboo: Pinkie Pie! ^^

Blog Talk: what makes her best pony?

Kevboo: I just love how she can be so hyper at times, and she usually makes no sense in the episodes. But that’s just what i love about her! She’s also so nice to all the ponies; she can even remember all their names and birthdays!

Blog Talk: who’s worst pony?

Kevboo: I would say Trixie, she was really annoying in that episode she was in.

Blog Talk: do you have any favorite none pony characters?

Kevboo: Yeah I like spike too, he’s mostly the kind of guy that would make sense in the end.

Blog Talk: favorite episode?

Kevboo: Lesson zero, that episode was crazy xD

Blog Talk: favorite song from the show?

Kevboo: Smile, Smile, Smile. That was a really fun song.

Blog Talk: favorite brony made song?

Kevboo: Awoken by WoodenToaster

Blog Talk: favorite antagonist?

Kevboo: Discord

Blog Talk: what makes him your favorite?

Kevboo: He’s a really interesting character, even though he is a god of chaos he had a really interesting past before he was turned to stone.

Blog Talk: So can you tell us about your tumblr blog(s)?

Kevboo: Well my first blog was of course doodlepony, to be honest I only made it just to follow some blogs that I like. I never was much inside the brony community until now. Through the time I made alot of friends because of Tumblr and Im getting better at my art because of all of them! I just hope the best for the blog in the future.

Blog Talk: how has things changed for you since you first joined the tumblr pon community until now?

Kevboo: Well first thing is completely changed my sleep schedule lol. Though I really love how I met so many people who are so nice and understandable than real life friends. Joining this community has really helped increase my career of being and artist and got me to have so many nice friends ^^

Blog Talk: where do you think your blog will be in a few months from now?

Kevboo: Well hopefully still alive and still increasing in quality, I have some plans for doodlepony in the future to explain more about himself and his life. I just hope that I will be able to have enough time to have everything planned out for it.

Blog Talk: alright we are running out of time, do you have anything to say to our readers before we go?

Kevboo: Well just for anyone who has trouble with their own blogs, just remember and look at my blog. If I can get my blog to this today, then so can you. Just be patient with yourself and your art, and don’t doubt yourself when times are tough for you and don’t be afraid to share it in the community because we are here to help you. And to all my followers, thank you for supporting me and doodlepony, we have much planned for you guys in the future! ^^